Princess State of Mind

Episode 10 ft. Lia Russo

Once Upon A Princess NJ is a company that sends costumed actresses to events to play Disney princesses. The company’s owner, Lia Russo, is here with us today to talk about the ways in which the feminist war on princesses is affecting real little girls and their parents.

Episode 9 ft. Jacob Airey

This one’s all about boys! Can boys get anything out of watching Disney princess movies? Do superheroes do for boys what princesses do for girls? Are Disney princes good role models for little boys? Writer, novelist, blogger, and YouTuber Jacob Airey joins us to discuss!

Episode 8 Q&A

It’s our second mailbag episode! I’m answering YOUR questions and we’ve got some really great ones this time. From fairy tales, to princesses, to teaching, to life decisions — you asked the questions and I’ve got the answers!

Episode 7 ft. Deanna Falchook

Do we need a Disney princess who’s “had an abortion”? Back in March, a Planned Parenthood affiliate said yes. But Deanna Falchook says no. And she should know. She was a Disney princess and had an abortion. She’s here to tell her inspiring story.

Episode 6 ft. Eric M. Blake

Is Disney’s ‘Enchanted’ a secret (or not so secret) manifesto on the importance of the traditional fairy tale princess? Film critic and cultural analyst Eric M. Blake joins me to discuss the film’s message.

Episode 5 ft. Spencer Klavan
Did Walt Disney draw intentional parallels between the Cinderella story and the Christ narrative? In my book, Saving Cinderella, I argue that he did. Am I right? Oxford lecturer, biblical scholar, and (most importantly) my brother Spencer Klavan joins me to discuss.

Episode 4 ft. Dr. Anne Beall

Did Cinderella live happily ever after? I say yes, Dr. Anne Beall says no! She’s here to discuss her new book, Cinderella Didn’t Live Happily Ever After: The Hidden Messages in Fairy Tales. Can we save Cinderella?

Episode 3 Q&A

You asked the questions, I’ve got the answers! I said you could ask me anything . . . and you did. I’ll be talking about princesses, fairy tales, movies, and so much more answering questions from YOU. Didn’t get a chance to ask a question? Follow me on Twitter @FaithKMoore so you don’t miss your next chance to have your question answered on the show!

Episode 2 ft. Laurel Sprenger

Episode 2 of Princess State of Mind — fiction, fairy tales, and the fairer sex — features artist and clothing designer Laurel Sprenger. We’ll be talking about art, fashion, and — of course — Disney princesses.

Episode 1 ft. C.S. Johnson

Welcome to the first ever episode of Princess State of Mind, where we talk fiction, fairy tales, and the fairer sex! Today’s guest is novelist C.S. Johnson who’s here to talk about love stories, female characters, and her upcoming book One Flew Through The Dragon Heart.