Saving Cinderella is now a class!

Saving Cinderella: How To Take Princesses Back From The Feminists

Streaming live on YouTube!

Class Image

Do you love Disney princesses but worry that they’re anti-feminist?
Do you hate it when people call princesses “damsels in distress” but don’t know what to say to defend them?
Do you love fairy tales, princesses, and Disney?

Well, then this is the class for you!

Class begins Sunday February 17 at 4pm EST and goes through April 7th. Sign up for the whole course, or choose the sessions that interest you most!

Class videos will be streamed live for all to watch, but only paying students will be able to participate.

Class participants will: 

  • Participate live via video chat
  • Be part of videos live-streamed to YouTube
  • Have the option to write a guest post for Princess State of Mind

Enrollment for each session is $25 per person. Sessions are capped, and enrollment is on a first come, first served basis. You will be notified if a session you’ve requested is full. Payment will not be requested until enrollment is confirmed.

Session 1: The importance of fairy tales and why feminists get them so wrong

Session 2: Damsel in distress? Snow White, puberty, and female agency

Session 3: Shoes and a dress? Cinderella and the importance of inner beauty

Session 4: A voice for a man? Ariel and the strength to be your true self

Session 5: Bestiality? Belle and the appeal of the monster

Session 6: When fairy tale symbolism goes awry: Merida and the corruption of fairy tales

Session 7: The prince is a psychopath: Elsa, Anna, and the death of prince charming

Click here to sign up!

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