Introducing “Princess Origin Stories” A Special Episode Of Princess State Of Mind

This week I’m debuting a new series called “Princess Origin Stories.” These special episodes will delve into the fairy tales behind the Disney princess movies and examine how and why they differ. I’ll explore the symbolism of the original fairy tales and talk about how it affects — or doesn’t affect — the movies we know and love.

Each episode will focus on one fairy tale, beginning with Snow White and moving chronologically through the Disney princesses. Whenever possible, I will read these fairy tales aloud in their entirety. Most of us think we have a sense of what’s in these stories, but a lot of us haven’t actually read them in a long time — or at all. (You’re welcome to skip that part of the video if you want, but I hope you won’t.)

Today, I’m very pleased to present the first episode of Princess Origin Stories: Snow White. I hope you’ll take a look and let me know what you think. And, if you like it, share it with your friends!


Princess Origin Stories, Episode 1: Snow White

5 thoughts on “Introducing “Princess Origin Stories” A Special Episode Of Princess State Of Mind

  1. Will you do one on The Little Mermaid? Reading the short story as a seven year old child and seeing the grim differences between that and the Disney Movie are what confused and frightened me away from both, and I would owe you alot if you could help reconcile the two.

    P.S. It wasn’t that the two versions had differences, it was that they had such opposite philosophies that it made me unsure of which to believe in, and I think that might explain my past reluctance to try things I don’t fully understand at the time. What do I believe? That risk taking gets you killed or that it gets you what you want?


    1. Well, I can’t speak for Faith Moore since I’m obviously not her, but I can say this much, in my personal opinion (as much as I REALLY hate that term…) I’d probably argue the Disney version is superior to the original. I’ll be honest, I actually hated the original story, not merely because of the sad ending mind you, or the fact that the mermaid died, as I can name plenty of stories with sad endings and heroes dying that definitely were a LOT better and more meaningful than the original Little Mermaid. No, it’s actually for similar reasons for why some people hate the Disney version. Specifically, the mermaid came across as a selfish brat who basically ruined a lot of lives and got exactly what she wanted even WITH her suicide and saving the prince twice. At least Ariel cleaned up the mess she made and made sure everyone had a good end as well as herself. In fact, if I must be honest, The Little Mermaid was actually one of HCA’s worst works ever (Snow Queen, Tin Soldier, and Little Match Girl definitely were a LOT better). Granted, I might be a bit biased toward the Disney version since it’s the first movie barring maybe Hunt for Red October that I ever watched, but then again, when I was in Kindergarten, I saw another version of The Little Mermaid, one that DID retain the ending, and it seemed confusing overall (it ended with the mermaid after throwing herself into the sea just arising from a bubble Broly-style into the sky and some sea animals looking up). Of course, hey, that’s just my view, you can take it or leave it.

      As far as your concern about risk taking and which to go for, well, both would actually be a good answer. You probably should take some risks so long as the negative consequences for taking them are comparably minimal consequence overall, and probably build up, which is something my dad suggested to me due to my having a similar amount of risk aversion.


  2. Well, the only DPs who definitely aren’t going to be getting episodes are Merida and possibly Moana, since they’re wholly original (well, Merida’s certainly an OC, anyway. Moana I’m not entirely sure if her story is actually original or if she was based on a specific Polynesian myth).


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